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Greetings From Theta Omega Omega

Welcome to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Omega Omega Chapter's website. The chapter was chartered in Montgomery County, Maryland on November 22, 1969, and our members have been working hard for the residents of Montgomery County ever since. 


The Sorority's guiding principle is "service to all mankind" and Theta Omega Omega has striven to implement this principle through the programs outlined at the national level, as well as programs and activities that we have done that specifically meet the needs of Montgomery County residents. We have collaborated with other organizations and our local government to maximize our service to the community. Our charitable foundation, Ivy Vine Charities, Inc., supports the implementation of the Sorority's programs and provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors. 


Over the next four years we will implement the Sorority's "Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service℠" targets in five areas: 

1. HBCU for Life: A Call to Action (Signature Program: #CAP)

2. Women’s Healthcare and Wellness

3. Building Your Economic Legacy

4. The ARTS!

5. Global Impact 

Our chapter members offer a diversity of ages, skills, backgrounds, and interests. We are represented in numerous occupations and serve in appointed and elected positions on the federal, state and local levels. 


Members of the Sorority are invited to attend our chapter meetings, which are generally held every third Saturday of the month (except for July and August), at 11:00 am (repast starts 10:30 am) at: 

Mid-County Community Recreation Center

2004 Queensguard Road

Silver Spring, MD 20906

Until further notice, chapters meetings will be held virtually at our usual scheduled time.

Proper credentials for admittance to our chapter meetings are required and the dress is business attire. 


Thank you for visiting our website. 

 Sharon V. Burrell

Sharon V. Burrell

President, 2019-2020

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®

Theta Omega Omega Chapter

Montgomery County, Maryland​​

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